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The Ebenezer Scrooge Grid

While I spend a lot of my time helping leaders double their revenue, it doesn't mean much if they aren't happy. I just re-watched Charles' Dickens "A Christmas Carol," and the main lesson I always take away is that being truly happy requires a balance among The 4 Main Sources of Happiness (my distillation of the research in Positive Psychology).

The 4 Main Sources are:

1. A caring relationship with yourself

2. Caring relationships with others

3. Work you love doing

4. Enough money to pay your bills with some left over for having fun

Apparently Ebenezer was in good health, loved his work, and had plenty of money. However, he had opportunities for greater happiness by improving his Emotional Intelligence and creating more caring relationships with others (e.g., his employee Bob Cratchit, his nephew Fred, Bob's son Tiny Tim).

This one change moved our hero from unhappy to happy on my Ebenezer Scrooge Grid. The best I can tell, Bob was relatively happy even before he got his raise (but I'm sure the extra money took him to the next level).

How to Use This to Your Advantage

1. Grade your happiness A-F on The 4 Main Sources of Happiness (A = Excellent, B = Above average, C = Average, D = Below average, F = Failing).

2. Make changes in your life to improve any D's or F's.

3. If there are none, then work on improving the the C's to B's.

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