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Resolving Family Business Conundrums.

Navigating the tenuous family business landscape

Every business has its fair share of challenges. By virtue of the word "family" -the challenges are all the more intricate and delicate​. Which child will assume what roles? How will you deal with the non-performer? What's your succession plan? Love and business rarely mix neatly together which is why we spend time working with family businesses.


Check out the tools we employ

to address your family business conundrums.

leadership assessment

Who are your A-players and how can you keep them performing at peak levels?  This is no easy task, especially in family businesses where emotions can run high. Unbiased and agnostic, we can help any CEO assess his/her team.

executive coaching

Blind spots can cause untold pain to a business, especially if they spawn from not seeing weakness in the performance of family members. With fresh perspectives, we'll look at your approach and smooth out your game plan.


Never underestimate the importance of getting your family business aligned. Knowing where you're going is a critical predicate to achieving your goals. We'll help you define your roadmap, communicate it to your team, and monitor its execution.

leadership training

Some are born leaders, others need guidance along the way. We work with family businesses to ensure they have the right skills in the right positions to scale profitably. Unbiased, we strip away the emotion and stay focused on the big goals. 

succession planning

You won't live or work forever, so it's smart to plan for when you're not around. To whom will you pass the reins, what must they master before you're gone, and which family members can you pull from the bench...these and other questions are essential to answer. 

org design

Many family businesses think they have a great product or service but wonder why their sales aren't better. Often, it comes down to making sure the right people are in the right positions doing the right things. 


Innovate or die has been a core mantra for many decades, yet many businesses continue to give it little attention. This is especially true in family businesses where "we've always done it this way" can be a killer. 


When a group facilitator has no direct skin in the game, politics goes out the window. The result: honest brokerage and solicitation of ideas and priorities completely independent of the family members in the room.

conflict Resolution

When two or more people work together, conflict is natural. When they're family, it's inevitable. The goal is not avoiding conflict but finding productive ways to harness it and resolve it for the benefit of the company.

performance management

When organizational goals are aligned with personal goals, companies tend to perform better. Why? Because there's a direct relationship between business objectives and personal financial achievement. 

m & A

At the forefront of every business combination are issues of leadership, culture and integration. Done well, the merged companies can thrive; done poorly, they will fester sadly. 


Professionals spend inordinate amounts of time infused in their company's culture. How supportive it is and how attractive it is to outsiders can have a huge impact on business results. 

Ask us how we helped a husband and wife resolve significant conflicts in their co-managed firm leading to improved business performance and enhanced marital happiness.


"Leading a family business has been a terrific experience, but there are times when the family element can add complexity and cause consternation. The Resolve Firm has helped me deal with these business conundrums in a straightforward and effective manner. As a result, our business has grown substantially."

- Fernando Dixon, President, Dixon Painting

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