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Speak Their Language to be Heard

So, if you were talking with someone from France, would you speak to them in Spanish? Silly question, right? Assuming you knew their language, you’d get better results speaking to them in French.

The same approach applies to our day-to-day communications in business (and life). If you want to be heard, speak to someone in the language that they prefer and understand best.

My view is that much of business and life is an extended sales call. Aren’t we always wanting to build relationships that are satisfying by influencing someone toward our way of thinking?

Whether we’re trying to talk our significant other into going to the restaurant we prefer, or trying to close a million-dollar deal, our sales and influencing skills are always important to our success and happiness. This doesn’t mean being manipulative or disingenuous, it just means focusing on what matters to the other person.

There are many similar assessments, but some sales trainers like the Social Styles Inventory for a simple assessment of major communication styles. In general, these assessments tend to be based on the continuum of task vs. people.

That is, is it more important to this person to get things done immediately or to build relationships to get them done? Keep in mind that people don’t necessarily fit into perfect little “boxes,” and that one style isn’t “superior” to another—just different.

Here are the four major styles of the Social Styles Inventory and some examples of statements you might use to start a sales call after your initial greeting:

·         Analytical: likes logical arguments, facts and figures

o   “I’ve got some numbers I think you’re going to like.”

·         Amiable: likes sharing personal information and close relationships

o   “I see you have pictures of your grandkids on your desk. How old are they now?”

·         Driver: likes getting to the point and being in control

o   “I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to the point.”

·         Expressive: likes expressing themselves and being the center of attention

o   “Wow, I see you got an award for your contribution to the Chamber of Commerce. That must have been exciting.”

Do you see yourself having tendencies toward one of these styles? How well do you speak the language of others so they’ll hear you loud and clear?

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