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Beware Energy Vampires!

Beware the energy vampires, for they will suck the productivity and success right out of your team! They’re the living dead who lie in wait to pounce on you and suck your life force out of you, leaving you drained and half alive (cue the eerie music here).

You know who they are; you’ve met them on the street, and you’ve worked with them. On the outside they look like you and me. They can be well dressed, polite, educated, and sophisticated (remember, Dracula always wore a tux).

Inside, however, they are joyless souls who are vigilant in telling you why you aren’t good enough, why your ideas won’t work, and why the world is a dreary and depressing place. Somewhere in their dark pasts an energy vampire (often a well-meaning parent) sucked the joy out of them, and they believe that they must roam the earth infecting others.

They live in terror of the acceptance of imperfection, optimism, and the bright sunlight of happiness—they fear they will burst into flame and cease to exist altogether. They lurk in the shadows and search for new victims to convert to the dark side and share their misery.

These folks deserve our sympathy for their plight, but as a leader you shouldn’t hire them or fraternize with them. You don’t have the time or money to fix their basic sense of unhappiness.

Your business is an energy system that should be focused on having fun, making money, and doing good. Don’t choose to surround yourself with people who siphon the positive energy for success and happiness out of your business and your life.

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