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Been KISSED lately?

Keep It Simple & Short

Most anybody can make things more complex and more difficult to accomplish. It takes real genius, however, to make things simpler and easier to accomplish.

This has been called The Law of Diminishing Returns, or sometimes even Dr. Doc Dockery’s Law of Increasing Entropy, which states: “The complexity of any plan is directly and inversely correlated with the probability that anything at all will get done.”

For example, here are some situations in which you can you get KISSED to get more done:

• Your personal verbal and written communication

• Your strategic and tactical goals

• Your performance management program

Beware of consultants and other experts who use a lot of complex technical jargon to make things sound more difficult than they really are so they can charge more for their services. A good expert’s job is to study and understand all the complexities of their field, and then give you simple, actionable advice.

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