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I'm a huge fan of being in control. I mean, really, do you want someone else making your life decisions for you? Therefore, while it's important to recognize the things you can't control and let go of them, it's also important to exercise the control you have over your life.

If you've ever been in therapy like moi, then one of the things you're taught is practicing "gratitudes" That is, you make deposits in your emotional bank account every day by listing the things you're grateful for. This is especially powerful when you're experiencing a lot of environmental stress (e.g., if your business is experiencing financial difficulties).

You can control what you focus your attention on. Focusing some of your attention on all the things that are going well in your life that you are thankful for will make you feel better, help you keep your perspective, and make you more effective at solving your environmental challenges.

Some of the things I'm most thankful for this year are my:

1. Health  2. Sharp mind 3. Family (great marriage, great kids, brand new granddaughter!) 4. Friends (got some great ones who always have my back) 5. Work (love what I do, new collaborations) 6. Music (open invitations to sit in with several smoking bands) 7. Making the world a happier place (my personal mission)

Heck, I'm feeling pretty awesome just having written this list! What do you have to be thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

High-Performance Habits

  1. Many people don't use the control they have in their lives--be clear about what you can control and use this power to your advantage. 

  2. Be realistic about your situation, but focus more of your attention on the positive in your life and less on everything that isn't exactly as you'd like it. 

  3. List the things you're thankful for every day as part of your mental health and happiness regimen.

Copyright Terry "Doc" Dockery, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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