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Giving Thanks for Being Happy

Go figure. Who ever thought that a perfectionistic over achiever like moi could find himself happy and content? I've got lots of things to be thankful for this year, and they are organized here around the 4 major sources of happiness from Positive Psychology.

  1. A caring relationship with yourself. I'm thankful that I've gotten better at self-care over the years, i.e., setting realistic expectations, paying attention to my feelings and what causes them, focusing on the positive, and focusing on the things I can control while letting go of the rest. I'm still playing music and enjoying it mightily--it's a spiritual experience that bonds us in our common humanity.

  2. Caring relationships with others. I'm married to the girl of my dreams. I never expected this much happiness and fulfillment from true love, and am wonderfully surprised by it. We decided early on to make our family the center of our universe and to build everything else around it, and we've never regretted that decision. I'm father to three grown millennials who I'm very proud of, and I have high hopes for how this generation will lead us into the future. My three grandchildren are a constant hoot to watch as they grow up, and I have some great friends that I love dearly and can talk with about literally anything.

  3. Work you love doing. I don't have to work these days, but can't think of anything I'd enjoy doing more, so I keep at it. I get to help people actualize their dreams, and it's great fun. I want to be remembered as someone who left the world a happier place than he found it, and I'm on track. As an entrepreneur I have control of my time and who I spend it with, and I highly treasure this. I get to spend my time on the things I think are important in life and with people I truly like and respect.

  4. Enough money to pay your bills with some left over for having fun. I'm pleased to report that we're doing just fine financially. I'm absolutely certain I could have made even more money working for the right someone else, but I'm very happy with the choice I've made (see number 3). I feel quite wealthy in all the things that truly matter, and don't think I'm missing out on anything important. I drive a 22-year-old Porsche Boxster that's just as much fun as the day I bought it. Sure, it would be fun to own my own island, but geez, think of the upkeep...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

High-Performance Habits

  1. Figure out what makes you happy, and don't settle for anything less.

  2. Heed Don Juan's timeless advice, and "follow the path with heart."

  3. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you'll ever have, so learn to love yourself and be thankful for what you have.

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