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"Working Hard" vs. "Working Smart" as a Leader

In business and in life, many of our decisions are driven by time and money considerations. It's helpful to evaluate periodically whether you're spending your time and money wisely to achieve your vision of business and life success. 

When it comes to business, here are some of the "working hard" vs. "working smart" patterns I have seen. 

Working Hard" (the reactive approach)

  • Focus on the urgent, emphasize "work ethic"/heroic effort

  • Focus on hours worked

  • Lots of "sacrifice" and "work martyrs" 

Working Smart" (the proactive approach)

  • Focus on the important, emphasize strategic results achieved

  • Focus on results per hour worked

  • Lots of “fun” and “happy people”

My experience has been that "working smart" leaders achieve greater financial success and life happiness over time. 

So, are you working "hard" or "smart" in your business? '

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