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The "Lucky 13 Predictors of Leadership Success

I regularly help my clients choose the right leaders for their companies--all the teamwork in the world won't make up for having the wrong team. Here are the top 13 predictors of long term leader success that we screen for:

1. Integrity: people won't respect and follow a leader without it in the long run.

2. Intellectual capacity: people with more get more done in less time.

3. Passion for the position: loving what you do is the best motivator there is.

4. Leadership: motivating people to pursue an inspiring vision.

5. Management: achieving the vision.

6. Results orientation: holding people accountable for measurable results.

7. Team orientation: working effectively with others.

8. Assertiveness: effective conflict resolution skills.

9. Prioritization: time management skills.

10. Sales and influencing: the ability to sell ideas to others.

11. Innovation: managing risk and creating positive change.

12. Strategic planning: seeing the big picture.

13. Professional development orientation: always learning and getting better.

How to Use This to Your Advantage

Insure that your current leaders have these qualities, and screen your new leaders for them. All the teamwork in the world won't compensate for not having the right team.

Get in touch if you want to talk more about this: (770) 993-1129,

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