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I've seen businesses fail to take full advantage of the advantages of teamwork on both extremes.

On one extreme was the leadership team who almost never spoke to each other. They didn't like each other very much and couldn't seem to agree on decisions, so basically everyone just did their own thing.

On the other extreme was the team who seemed to have "separation anxiety" if they weren't always together and discussing things. If a member of the team went away to make decisions and get some work done, it caused great consternation and concern among the other team members.

The advantages of teamwork are well known. A group of people who work together well can accomplish significantly more than they could just by each member doing his/her best individually. Even Michael Jordan couldn't win a championship by himself. However, if he'd had to call a team meeting and reach a consensus each time he was considering taking a shot, then you can see how that might interfere with maximum team performance and success.

Below is a graphic representation of the relationship between business performance and the amount of interaction of the leadership team. As you can see, it's important to have the right balance of interaction to maximize teamwork, productivity, financial performance, and overall business success.

High-performance habits

1. Take full advantage of the advantages of teamwork--don't try to beat Michael by yourself.  2. Use all your communication channels wisely to create the level of interaction in your leadership team necessary to maximize teamwork.  3. Know when it's time to go your separate ways and get things done individually.

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