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4 Steps to Create Foolproof Teamwork

We Americans are famous for our love of individual freedom, i.e., our individualism. Who isn't? It's way fun to be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it, right?

All leaders know, however, that businesses succeed bigger and better when we create teamwork. The synergy of 1+1= 3 is still just as true today just as it has always been. If two teams have the same amount of talent, the one with better teamwork will win every time.

Here's how you create the ideal balance between individual freedom and teamwork in your team:

1. Understand trust. The members of your team must trust that they can meet their individual goals by following you, i.e., create a win-win relationship.

2. Create trust. Say what you're going to do and then actually DO IT. Ambiguity is the enemy, so create clear goals, roles, and accountability follow through.

3. Grant maximum individual freedom. Give your team members the maximum autonomy to execute their roles that doesn't undermine the advantages of teamwork and the common good.

4. Create an effective communication system. Coordinate people's individual roles and accountabilities toward achieving your organization's vision by getting them the information they need when they need it.

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