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 \ kə-ˈnən-drəm
    a confusing and difficult problem or question. 

synonyms: problem, difficult question, vexed question, difficulty, quandary, dilemma.

conundrum resolution

Every CEO endures a slew of challenges, obstacles, and issues. Collectively, we call these conundrums. Through our CEO Roundtables and services to family businesses, partner businesses and other small businesses, we navigate with CEOs to resolve pesky conundrums to enhance personal contentment, professional achievement, and business growth.


We work with family businesses, partner businesses and other growing entities in and around Atlanta to resolve pesky conundrums that plague personal relations and business operations. 

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Our CEO Roundtables & Key Leader Roundtables are confidential groups in which leaders probe conundrums, share experiences and resolve matters impacting performance.

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When families live and work together, conflict happens, both at the personal and professional level. We'll navigate you through and around obstacles so you can prosper in both worlds.

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Different people have different perspectives. We work with partnerships to ensure effective communication, honest sharing, and a collaborative, common desire to succeed. 



Helping small companies grow profitably is in our DNA. That's why we specialize in helping emerging companies deal with their most pressing business conundrums.

why us

The Resolve Firm is full of agile-minded Rubik's Cube masters; experts at twisting and turning perspectives of growing businesses to identify, address and resolve puzzling conundrums. Unlike consultants who often “bequeath and leave," our conundrum navigators guide C-level leaders to resolutions, sticking with you the entire way home. 


Bottom line, we’re very good at what we do and we treat people like we want to be treated. We always behave as your non-equity Virtual Partner in your business, always putting the best interests of the business first--as any good partner would do.

We’ve been trusted consultants for over 25 years and have achieved some extraordinary results. Our typical client engagement provides a minimum 10:1 ROI. We work fast and fun. And if you don’t think business should be fun, then boy can we show you how to get better results!

WHAT clients SAY

"The CEO Roundtable has helped me really sharpen my focus. It has helped me become a better CEO."

—  Shawn Vernimo, President, Arcus Roof


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