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The Unaimed Arrow Never Misses?

Yep, that's what some folks say. I'm not gonna lie, there's some real joy in living in the moment and doing what feels right at the time.

However, I believe that if you want to be truly successful in business and in life, you need to clearly define what that success looks like. Otherwise it's hard to prioritize how you're going to spend your main resources: time and money.

Do you have a clear vision of success for your organization? For example, if you're going to be a 30M company you may be well staffed, but if you're going to be a 50M company you may need to hire some more folks before you're overwhelmed by incoming demand, lose control of our quality, and ruin your brand in the marketplace.

Do you have a clear vision of success for your life? We high achievers can be prone to a form of perfectionism/OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) if we don't define how much is enough. What does enough money and success look like so you'll know when you've succeeded and can enjoy the fruits of your labors?

I tell leaders that "enough is enough, and enough is plenty," so it's important to clearly define what is enough so you'll feel like you have plenty. Otherwise we can be prone to "comparisonitis" and the chronic discontent that comes with thinking we don't have enough because someone else has more. That's no fun, eh?

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