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The Society for Advancement of Consulting recently distributed a list of ten “detours” from the path of effective leadership. Perhaps you, too, will say to yourself, “Wow! I’ve seen that style before!”

If one of the following styles reminds you of yourself, then there’s no time like the present to get out of the ditch and back on the road to success.

  • “Saviors,” who feel that everyone on their watch must be successful.

  • “Equivocators,” who dodge responsibility while making nice speeches.

  • “Tyrants,” who believe sheer force can accomplish goals, despite resource constraints and competitive moves.

  • “Consensus-Obsessives,” who believe they should “conduct” rather than “lead” on the job.

  • “Reducers,” who want to fanatically cut every expense as the means to increase profit.

  • “Nits,” who concentrate on micro-management and minor details, rather than strategy and the big picture.

  • “Cultists,” who buy in to every fad and crazy solution that comes down the pike.

  • “Unmentionables,” who are rarely seen by employees or customers because they are busy utilizing every perk every day.

  • “Culture-Blind,” who are those executives transferring to another firm who ignore the new culture, beliefs and values (Carly Fiorina, anyone?).

  • “Local-Centrics,” who can’t seem to understand that the world is bigger than their offices, and who consequently never consider customers, employees, other markets, new technology, etc.


Technique #1: If you recognize your leadership style in this list, seek coaching help to get back on track—most great leaders have learned from able mentors and advisors.

Technique #2: Encourage candid feedback and innovation in your team—be a great role model for using feedback to achieve success.

Technique #3: Surround yourself with talented people who can help you and your organization succeed (you can bet your competitors are).

Copyright Terry "Doc" Dockery, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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